The next-gen approach to addressing customer pain points

The shopping revolution

Take a moment and imagine that you need to replace your smartphone. What brand comes to mind? Why that brand? It’s probably not due to just the battery life, camera quality, processor, or screen specs, but rather because of your past experiences with this brand vs others. Customer satisfaction is no longer solely determined by the product or service offered; it encompasses the entire experience, from the moment a potential customer becomes aware of the brand to the post-purchase support and beyond.

Understanding and addressing the needs, feelings, and experiences of customers, including the pains and pleasures they encounter during their shopping journeys, is mission-critical in creating a holistic approach that builds lasting relationships and fosters business growth.

Pleasure vs. Pain

The pleasures of shopping encompass the positive emotions and experiences that customers seek when engaging with a retail brand. This includes aspects such as discovering new products, experiencing great customer service, immersing themselves in an engaging store atmosphere, and being rewarded with personalized offers.

While enhancing the pleasures of shopping is crucial for creating positive customer experiences, it's essential to recognize that this alone may have limitations.

To truly deliver stand-out experiences, retailers must also prioritize and diligently address the pain points that customers encounter. Challenges such as long checkout times, unhelpful staff, out-of-stock products, and pressure to purchase all add to an unpleasant experience with a brand that may lead the customer to never go back.

Striving to minimize the negative aspects of the shopping experience makes the difference between a satisfied one-time customer and a loyal advocate for the brand.

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Grabbing the bull by the horns

Addressing customer pain points

What would happen if you could solve all the major pain points shoppers experience in your stores? By tackling pain points head-on, retailers can create seamless, enjoyable shopping experiences that turn every shopper into a brand ambassador.

Provide close to immediate response 

One of customer’s primary pain points is long waiting times at the checkout counter. Customers are often frustrated by standing in line for extended periods, leading to a negative overall experience. 

But it’s not just the lines. Anytime a customer has to wait for an associate to acknowledge them, grab a product from the stockroom, or try to find product information can quickly transform an otherwise satisfying trip into an excruciating process.

The alternative? Find every opportunity to reduce waiting times across the in-store shopping experience. 

You can start by looking at the most common situations such as:

  • Checkout lines
  • Having to look in “the system” for a specific product
  • Going to the backroom to pick out a specific item
  • Waiting for a dressing room
  • Click & collect lines

Next-gen store solutions will help solve most if not all of these problems with features like mobile checkout options, endless aisle catalogs, or in-store fulfillment. By streamlining the customer’s discovery, selection, and checkout processes, retailers can reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Upgrade store associates into personal shoppers

Customers expect knowledgeable and attentive store associates who can provide guidance and assistance on the full breadth of products their brand offers. 

At times, they may even need advice or answers for highly specific inquiries such as:

  • Is this foundation good for combination-skin types?
  • Does this laptop come with a warranty, and what does it cover? 
  • Were the ingredients used in this perfume sourced sustainably?
  • What are the measurements for this online-exclusive sweater? 

But, the problem is that intensive training on every single SKU would take a significant amount of time which in many cases just isn’t feasible. 

In the same way that customers use their smart device to learn everything about a specific item— and all the retailers who offer something at least similar— store associates should possess a similar device to assist customers (and themselves) when faced with a unique question or request.

Next-gen store systems can support retailers in training and empowering their staff with access to real-time product information, inventory visibility, and customer data. Equipped with this knowledge, store associates can deliver personalized recommendations, answer queries, and create meaningful interactions with customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Enable x-ray vision beyond the four walls of the store

Imagine being filled with excitement as you step into a store with your heart set on testing and purchasing the latest gaming console that has consumed your thoughts for weeks. Only to be met with the disappointing news from an associate that the product is out-of-stock, with no timeline for restocking. 

In this day in age, you should be able to get any product in your catalog into customers’ hands regardless of where they are or where the item is located.

Enabling an “endless aisle” view of the inventory is so easy, everyone can (and should) do it.

Systems with advanced inventory management capabilities enable retailers to maintain accurate, up-to-date inventory records. By integrating inventory data across channels and providing real-time visibility to customers, retailers can ensure that products are available when and where customers expect them.

Foster customer lifetime value

True sales professionals nurture relationships first and sell second.

Take a moment and think of retail companies that often take more time to sell their products, such as a car dealership or a high-end jewelry store. It’s not common for a customer to simply enter and buy something on-the-spot. This type of sales takes time due to the nature of the product. 

This is pretty much the way most consumers think of shopping anywhere these days as customer journeys become more complex. 

Due to the huge offering in the market and easy access to information, people looking to buy a product will conduct one or more pre-purchase research exercises. Therefore, the store is no longer the main channel for a customer to assess, compare and purchase things. Stores are actually seen by customers as a place where they can conduct their research about your brand and products and only purchase when they are satisfied with their findings.

Many retail experts are suggesting that stores make the transition into testing locations or showrooms where customers can explore your brand and products and validate if there’s a good fit for what they are looking for. 

In this scenario, there’s no place for a pushy salesperson. Nothing disrupts the discovery journey more than a store associate rolling their eyes because someone asks multiple questions after stating that they are “just looking”.

In a next-gen store, proactive staff should assist customers, discuss brand essence, and follow up to influence decisions, creating a memorable experience and fostering brand loyalty. Next-gen POS systems with clienteling capabilities empower retailers to build lasting customer relationships through personalized services and a consultative sales approach.

Fostering an exceptional customer experience, can directly boost your bottom line

By reducing pain points and offering exceptional service, retailers can drive customer satisfaction. When customers have positive experiences, they are more likely to make more purchases in the future, thus becoming loyal patrons. 

Prioritizing customer experience and leveraging next-gen POS solutions leads to substantial payoffs for your business, including (but not limited to) improved conversion rates, higher average ticket size, increased store traffic, enhanced operational efficiency, and lastly, better brand differentiation.

Improved conversion rate

By harnessing a comprehensive view of your inventory and the flexibility to sell wherever and whenever, you can effortlessly meet your customers where they are, transforming "saving the sale" into your everyday business practice. This shift in approach translates into increased conversion rates, as every potential sale is secured, resulting in higher revenue generation for your store.

Higher average ticket size

Understanding what motivates and delights your customers opens the door to confidently introducing "close to the chest" deals that are tailor-made for their needs. The enhanced customer experience not only makes them feel valued and appreciated but also encourages customers to explore additional products and services they may not have considered before, resulting in more substantial and fulfilling purchases.

Increased store traffic

While a next-gen POS system alone might not attract new customers, when integrated into a seamless and superior customer experience, a chain reaction starts. Occasional buyers transition into devoted regulars; regulars evolve into brand fanatics; word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, as more stories are shared; new potential customers flock to your store, eager to explore what all the excitement is about. 

Enhanced operational efficiency

Investing in a next-gen POS proves to be a win-win strategy for both retail operations and customer experience. These advanced systems streamline day-to-day processes, reduce manual errors, optimize staff productivity, and empower retailers to maintain accurate stock levels, resulting in efficient operations and heightened customer satisfaction.

Better brand differentiation

By differentiating your brand through exceptional experiences, next-gen POS systems create a positive brand perception that sets the retailer apart in the market. The result is not only attracting new customers but also fostering a loyal customer base that highly values the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional service, solidifying the brand's unique position in the competitive landscape. As a consequence, you'll see increased sales, AOV, and store traffic which contribute to a significant boost in your bottom line.

Bringing it all together

The shopping revolution demands that retailers prioritize exceptional customer experiences over simply offering products. 

By addressing customer pain points through next-gen POS solutions, retailers can differentiate their brand, attract new customers, and foster a loyal customer base. 

Investing in next-gen POS technology that streamlines processes and empowers staff to create memorable shopping journeys, results in improved conversion rates, higher average ticket size, increased store traffic, enhanced efficiency, and stronger brand differentiation.


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